Sunday, March 1, 2015

5 Things: New in Beauty (Week 1 March 2015)

1. SK-II Cellumination Auractivator CC Cream
The new SK-II Auractivator CC Cream is formulated with Day Soft Aura White, to create irresistible glowing skin. Day Soft Aura White complex is composed of UME extract, Niacinamide and concentrated Pitera. After trying for 4 weeks, the Auractivator CC Cream activates your aura radiance to illuminate your bare skin. Check out how you can win one tube worth RM274 on my previous post <<here>>. 

2. Estee Lauder x Courrèges Collection
I always have a traditional perception on Estee Lauder's products and packaging. However, this Spring, Estee Lauder is collaborating with André Courrèges to come up with a capsule collection that is futuristic and innovative. I am exceptionally drawn to the Courreges Super Gloss, which is a lip gloss with an unusual packaging. It resembles eye serum where you can twist the right amount of product and apply directly from the metal tip. This collection is available at selected Estee Lauder counters. 

3. Too Faced Selfie Powders 
The new Too Faced Selfie Powders are a mini set of eyeshadow that consists of 3 colors - pastel yellow, toasted brown and pastel lilac. I personally don't think it is a good investment, but for Instagram lovers this is definitely a fun product to have. Check out the hashtag #TFNoFilter for the looks that created by this palette. 

4. Burberry S/S15 Runway Palette
For those who are consistently following the latest fashion trend, you should get this blush. The blush is a hybrid of highlighter and blush. It gives a glow on your face once applied, like a model on the runway. This product is used during all Burberry's S/S15 shows. The shade is pretty neutral which can match different skin tones. 

5. LUSH Mother's Day Collection
Although LUSH is not available in Malaysia, you can easily get it from our neighbor country, Singapore. Check out the new Mother's Day Collection (although it is a little too early for that), Check out <<this video>> for the haul for all the products. If you love bath products, this may be something which you want to purchase. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Win the New SK-II Cellumination Auractivator CC Cream at SK-II #ChangeDestiny Light Museum

SK-II will be launching the Cellumination Auractivator CC Cream that helps activate your skin’s aura and unlock radiance from within, at the SK-II #ChangeDestiny Light Museum. The Light Museum is currently up at the Centre Court, Suria KLCC from 24th Feb to 2nd March 2015.

Experience an Aura makeover with the new SK-II Auractivator CC Cream at the Light Museum, post their 'Before & After Aura makeover' photos on Instagram with hashtags #changedestiny #myaurabeautymoment and win the new SK-II Auractivator CC Cream worth RM274.

How to enter:

1. Go to the SK-II #ChangeDestiny Light Museum at KLCC from 27 Feb til 2 March. 
2. Mention my blog name Million Dollar Beauty at the entrance. 
3. Get an Aura makeover with the new SK-II Auractivator CC Cream at the Light Museum.
4. Upload your 'Before & After Aura makeover' photos on Instagram with hashtag #changedestiny #myaurabeautymoment and tag my on your photo @QueenJerine 
5. I will pick 3 readers with best-looking glow as winners.
6. Contest period: 27 Feb - Mar 2 2015
7. Open to ALL Readers in Malaysia.

Good luck!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

5 Things: New in Beauty (Week 3 February 2015)

1. NARS Dual-Intensity Blushes
Coming soon in NARS store are the Dual-Intensity Blushes. There are 6 combinations to choose from. Technically not all the combo are blushes, some are for contour and highlight. All combination are nicely paired and there's something for everyone from this collection.To check out all the palette, go to The Style & Beauty Doctor.

2. Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal EDT
Avid perfume bottle collector cannot miss this one. The bottle is inspired by Hollywood glamour and golden star panel on the bottle is definitely something special. The perfume notes lean towards vanilla and marshmallow.

3.  L'Occitane Women's Day 2015 Beauty Balm
In conjunction of International Women's Day on 8th of March, each year L'Occitane launches their limited edition beauty balm to pay tribute to the women of Burkina Faso. This year, L'Occitane features the Shea Butter Ultra Soft Balm with apricot scent for this cause. 100% from the proceed of sales will help promote women's entrepreneurship in Africa.

4. Benefit Roller Lah Mascara
Rumour says that this will be the next cult product. The mascara wand is designed in a way that resembles the 1960's velcro hair curler. This mascara gives you the length, volume and curl at the same time. You don't even need a lash curler prior to applying your mascara. I'm totally looking forward to get this one.

5. Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Day Screen High Protection SPF 50
Following the success of the UV Plus Anti-Pollution Day Screen High Protection SPF40, Clarins have came up with the same effective sunscreen but with higher SPF. Watch out for this high protective sunscreen available soon in March. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

5 Things: New in Beauty (Week 2 February 2015)

1. M.A.C. x Cinderella Collection
Look out for M.A.C.'s collaboration with the Cinderella movie. This is a full collection, the colours are leaning to the nude and pastel side. If you're a fan of basic colours in makeup, do check out this collection. As a Cinderella fan (my favourtite character in the entire Disney world), I feel like I'm obliged to get something from the collection. My pick is the lipstick, but I can't decide which colour to go for. For swatches and review, check out Temptalia's blog.

2. Chanel La Perle de Chanel Collection Spring 2015
Inspired by the graceful world of ballet, this delicate makeup collection features rosy tones and glimmering metallics in beautiful balance. Taking center stage: a limited-edition five-shade palette featuring romantic lipsticks and glosses to choreograph a colourful lip look.

3. Clinique Chubby Stick for Contour & Highlight
Clinique is expanding their Chubby Stick into contour and highlight product. If you wear contour and highlight in your makeup daily, you will find these two product very useful and time saving. It is available at all Clinique counter throughout Malaysia for RM95 each.

4.  L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil x Dear Charlotte Limited Edition
L'Orea Professionnel is collaborating with fashion designer Vanessa Pinoncely (from Dear Charlotte) for their limited edition Mythic Oil. The packaging comes with a designer hair barrette. It is available (while stocks last) at all L'Oreal Professionnel salon for RM75. To check out the review for Mythic Oil and the previous limited edition packaging from Dilek Hanif, check out my previous post.

5. Eye painting
If you haven't check out the work of Tal Peleg, you should! Tal Peleg takes eye makeup to another level where she incorporates fine art into her makeups. Check out her Instagram @tal_peleg for all her amazing work. To test your skills, maybe you can try it yourself.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Korres Pomegranate Cleansing Scrub Cleans from Inside Out

When I first unpack my package from Luxola, I was excited to find my Korres Pomegranate Cleansing Scrub inside. (I've probably repeated this a thousand times on my blog, I'm going to say it again.... I'm a big fan of Korres skincare.) I was also shocked at the same time. The size of the scrub is not even half of my palm. The size resembles deluxe size, but it is indeed the full size product.

I went to try it out the same night I got it and the next day my face suffered from tiny break outs. I didn't notice that this scrub was the cause of my break outs. The next week, I use it and again my face developed break outs. For awhile I was scared to use it until I ran out of facial scrub and try it on again. Soon I realized that the break out wasn't the effect of bad product but the scrub actually removes all the impurities from inside out. It takes awhile for me to understand this product. After I know it well, I realized this is THE THING!

Before you run out of the house to purchase it, I'll list down some findings about this product so you can use it the way it suppose to be:

1. The grains of the scrub is rough and the beads are bigger than other scrub. If you have open wounds, bad acne, bumps or laceration on your skin, it is best to avoid using it.

2. The scrub will bring out all the impurities that trapped underneath your pores. Some of it didn't make its way out of your pores, this is why break outs happen. It is best for you to perform extraction on your skin after using this scrub. Regular use of the scrub will prevent breakouts too.

3. This is not your daily scrub because of the harsh grains. Use it only on a weekly basis.

I will recommend this scrub to those who have clogged pores - especially those with oily skin around the T-zone. It does an amazing job in cleansing and leaves your skin thoroughly cleansed.

You can purchase this online from Luxola website for RM48. You can also view other people's review on the product from the product page before you decide to purchase it.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tips on Makeup Primer & Ultra Face Base Primer by Makeup Revolution Review

A lot of people get the wrong idea about makeup primer. The main misconceptions about makeup primer are:

  • We don't need makeup primer because moisturizer is sufficient to protect our skin.
  • Makeup primer is expensive and will incur extra cost for our makeup needs.
  • Primer is only for eye makeup.

I don't blame you if you have any of the misconceptions above. Makeup primer was introduced very late as compared to other beauty produces. We have very little idea of what makeup primer is and we often skip it because we don't understand what the product actually does to our face. 

Today I'm going to explain what makeup primer is and hopefully you'll get some information about it. 

Makeup primer vs. moisturizer

We all agree that our skin needs some sort of base before we apply our foundation. So we go on and apply our moisturizer as the base before we put on the foundation. Do you know that, applying skincare as base (e.g. serum, moisturizer, etc.) will tend to block up your pores and cause congestion in your pores. This is because skincare are meant to be absorbed into the skin. When you put on your foundation on the top layer, not only the skincare gets absorbed into your skin, the foundation and the skincare gets mixed up (especially when you put moisturizer and liquid foundation on). As a result, your skin turns oily, this can be very obvious when you don't set your makeup. 

This is why you need a makeup primer - to provide a solid separation between your skin and the makeup you're going to apply. 


Some people avoid using makeup primer because it is expensive. This is because the market for makeup primer is limited. So most of the big brands take advantage on hiking up the price. There is very little competition for this product range. Not every brand have makeup primer in their product list. Those brands who are pioneer in this product will put a high price tag on their makeup primer. Currently leading brands priced their makeup primer at about RM100 to RM150. 

If you scout around, you will find good makeup primer with reasonable price tag. Moreover, you only need a very small amount of product (even smaller than a pea size). Read on to find out on the price of the makeup primer I'm going to introduce, you'll be surprised.

You only need makeup primer for eyes

If you hear this from someone, chances are, the person is an Urban Decay fan that's a little outdated. Urban Decay was famous of their cult product Primer Potion which is only meant for eyes. 

Makeup primer comes in different types (for eyes or face, with silicone base or cream base) and colours. Normally, the makeup primer comes in two formula, cream or silicone. The only difference is the texture. However, I find silicone base works better with liquid foundation and cream base works better with powder foundation. 

Makeup primer for face also comes with different colour - purple, green, pink, orange, skintone color. This is because different base colour can hide different concerns. This rules is the same with concealer. 

If you are concern with costs, you can get makeup primer that's closest to your skin tone or clear one. 

Makeup Revolution - Ultra Face Base Primer

Currently this is my favourite makeup primer. The texture is more of a gel silicone base. It's very hydrating as compared to other silicone feel makeup primer. 

This makeup base  holds my makeup in place for almost the entire day. I applied it at 6am in the morning, head out to work until 7pm and my makeup is still fresh. 

The difference of applying makeup primer and not applying them is not that obvious. I can't do a comparison on my face, but I find it useful to illustrate it on an orange. I've applied the Ultra Face Base Primer on the right side and no makeup primer on the left. 

As you can see, on the left the foundation appears dry and cakey. The pores of the orange is very obvious, you can see the bumps. Whereas on the right side, the foundation looks hydrating and the orange bumps are not as obvious as the left side. 

What I don't like about the Ultra Face Base is that the packaging has very little information about the product. It doesn't state the ingredients and what the product will do on your face. However, after so many applications, I find this as a basic face primer. It gives you all the basic function - giving a shield between your skin and foundation, even out the pores and make your foundation applies smoothly. 

If you are interested to try this out, the price is pretty affordable. It is only RM39. I've been using this for close to one month and I still have more than half a tube left. To break the calculation, I think for each day application it will only cost you 20 cents. You can purchase it online from Makeup Revolution website

Sunday, January 18, 2015

[Weekend Edition] Michelle Phan's Book Make Up Review

I guess there is no need to introduce who Michelle Phan is. If you love beauty & make up and always connected to the internet, you probably know who Michelle Phan is.

Last year Michelle Phan released her very first book, Make Up. There has been a lot of ravings about the book and I couldn't wait to get it after seeing all that hype online. I spotted this at Kinokuniya, almost gave up on it because I already done my purchase and not willing to queue up at the check out counter again. After flipping a few pages, I decided I will get it because the photos are amazing and the page layout is very neat. Overall, I was sold by the design of the book, not so much on the content.

Let's be frank. I don't think this is a book that you have to have. It's more of a leisure reading. The beauty tips featured in this book are shallow, even a beginner knows most of it. The beauty tips are like reminder of what you already know, but never practice for a long time. If you're looking for a good and resourceful beauty book, this one might disappoint you. It feels like you're reading blog posts but they're printed in a book.

However, as a fan of this internet beauty sensation, the book is inspirational on its own way. Her success isn't an overnight story. The first two chapters of the book about her previous experiences are pretty motivational. Inspirational, but not educational.

If you ask me whether you should get it, my advise is browse through the book first and decide if you really need the book. The content of the book is very basic. You won't miss anything if you skip this book. If you're a fan of hers, this book might worth something to you. My personal reason of getting it... it has very pretty cover and it makes my bookshelf looks nice.

If you would like to browse more of the book, you can check it out on Amazon. If you're living in the city, you can always drop by Kinokuniya and check it out. The price at Kino is inviting - RM79.90 (+20% discount if you purchase another item).
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