Weekend DIY: Calming Eye Pads to Depuff Eyes

I've asked you all if you're interested in my method on depuff-ing eyes. And here is the post I've promised. It's actually very simple and takes a few minutes.

Every morning my eyes get puffy. I don't exactly know why. Maybe it is genetic because my dad has puffy eyes when he wakes up too. If I don't depuff my eyes, I can't put any makeup on. I'll look like a goldfish and it bothers me a lot.

A few months ago, I read about this method from a Chinese beauty and health book. I tried it a few times and it really works for me.

Here are the ingredients that you need:

1. Cotton pads (10 pieces for 5 days). The thicker it is, the better.
2. Tea (black tea or green tea. I prefer using green tea because it has higher antioxidant elements)
3. Cucumber (or any other calming agent such as aloe vera and calendula)

Step 1

Crush the cucumber into pieces. You can blend it with blender if you have one. I don't have, so I have to chop it into pieces and crush it with a fork. The point is, you need the juice. Then boil a cup of tea and let it cool.

Step 2

Pour the cool tea into the cucumber juice. The ratio is suppose to be 50:50. Stir well.

Step 3

Place the cotton pads into a clean container. You can put how many cotton pads you like. But I advise you to do a one week supply. The cucumber might not be that fresh if you keep it for too long.

Step 4

Pour the mixture onto the cotton pad. Make sure each sheet is saturated with the mixture. Make sure there's no cucumber pulp in it. I should have strain away the seeds, but I don't have a strainer :(

Step 5 

Chill your concoction in the fridge. They last for 5 days (well, if you put 14 cotton pads in it, then it last for 1 week).

The last thing to do is to put it on your eyes for 5 minutes every morning.

I do this every Sunday so that I'll have it during the weekdays. I put it on after I wash my face and before I start putting on my makeups. Of course you will need to rinse off the residue of the tea before you start your makeup routine.

From the book I referred to, the writer also mentioned that this method can help lighten dark circles in a long run. I really hope it does because it is easy to make and cheap. Anyway, it is really effective to depuff my eyes every morning. Try it and let me know if it works for you.




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